Best places to skate in Sin City

Whilst Las Vegas might be well known for its gigantic casinos and non-stop nightlife, there is a new trend on the Sin City scene, and that is roller-skating. Whether in Floyd Mayweather’s Skate Rock City or the skating rink in the experience center of Area15, Las Vegas has a lot to offer when it comes down to getting around on four wheels.


If you’re looking to do some light skating or just trying to have a fun time out with friends, the Area15 skate area is located right next to the strip. It’s easy to leave the casinos on the strip or continue to play casino online (USA) via your phone and head on over to the rink. It is based in an adult’s adventure playground that is bursting with activities.

You don’t even need to take your skates as you can easily rent a pair when you get there. With theme nights, dazzling lights, and music playing non-stop, you’re guaranteed to have an amazing time – whilst being pretty much in the center of the city.

Skate Rock City

Skate Rock City is owned by the famous boxer Floyd Mayweather. Mayweather took the historic rink of Crystal Palace and renovated it when he purchased it back earlier this year—breathing life into one of Vegas’ oldest rinks. At the moment, the rink doesn’t offer a lot and is only open one night per week.

But what you get is the chance to skate in one of Las Vegas’ historical places. The floor is open every first Monday of the month, from 7 pm to 10 pm, to try out new tricks or just for those who want to work on their form.