Easy tricks to do on skates

So you have mastered going fast, breaking, and turning like a pro. What is the next step for you? One word: tricks.

Once all of the basics are covered, you might want to learn a trick or two to get the blood flowing and to wow your friends. In this article, we will go over a few basics that only take a few hours to perfect but will leave you feeling like a professional.

Three easy roller-skating tricks to master

Spinning is probably one of the most visually impressive tricks you can do if you can master it. This one takes some practice. Make sure that you are in an open space and that you won’t hit anyone whilst trying this. Start with your feet shoulder-width apart and your arms at right angles. Then move them from side to side to gain momentum.

This should cause your skates to align and for you to perfect circles. Tuck in your arms a bit more if you feel like increasing the speed.

Backward skating is pretty simple in theory but takes some practice to nail. Start by standing still as you would usually, and then start doing lemons, but backwards to give you momentum in the direction that you want.

Skating on one foot may look easy, but if you have not mastered balancing, then you might be in for a nasty fall. The trick here is to gain momentum and then balance on just one foot. Once you have this mastered, it is sure to impress others.

So, if you have a free afternoon, why not invest it in learning these easy tricks?