Where to skate?

So you may already have been looking into buying your own pair of skates. But that’s only part of the journey of getting your wheels on the ground and rolling. The other factor that needs to be taken into consideration is, where are you going to skate?

In this helpful article, we will look into both skating rinks and skating outside so that you can actually decide which one suits you best and buy the right equipment for either.

Are you skating inside or outside?

Firstly, we will cover the differences between inside and outside skating, then move on to the specifications. For people looking to have fun with friends or practice figure skating, then indoors might be for you. With smooth floors, music, and drinks on hand, a skating rink allows you to practice all year round in comfort.

If you are looking for something a bit more challenging or if the weather is good where you live (skates and rain don’t mix so well), then you might want to consider skating outside. Here you will find more uphill and downhill areas that will challenge you while you browse to see what is going on.

When it comes to skating inside or outside, your skates do affect how easy or difficult it will be. It is best to go with hard wheels for indoor skating, and for outdoor skating, it is better to have softer wheels. It would help if you also considered what you want to do on your skates; big wheels are best for distance and speed, whereas small wheels work best for tricks.

You can use a Google search to find a suitable place for outside skating, but recommended places usually are better to skate, and a quick Google search will display nearby skating rinks.